Thursday, January 21, 2010

UFO # 21

"Tequila and Salt" by the Sunflower Seed is number # 21. Changed threads to Carrie's Creations. Started maybe 2 years ago. Set aside while I waited to get the buttons. Changed the buttons slightly, also. I think I have everything for this now. Will look at it this spring/summer. Should be a quick finish from here.

I've been searching high and low for two items at my house. One very important - my computer glasses. That is all they good for. Rarely leave the office with them. They usually stay on the desk. I had them Sunday evening. Gone Monday morning.

Second item is gaining in importance. I have a freebie graph printed on blue paper. Do you think I can find it? Was my idea to do this quickly for our friends in London. Can I find it? No. This should be easy. A limited number of places where it could be. And the blue paper should stand out. I got it at the beginning of December. Haven't seen it or the other free patterns I acquired that day since I showed them to my DD over winter break. Argh.

In UFO news: The total number is becoming increasingly clear to me. It's less than 40. Which is wonderful news. I was afraid it would be over 50. I may post the remainder of them on Sunday if I find the time. Otherwise, you'll see the rest in February.

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Anna van Schurman said...

Thank you for having more UFOs than me and being willing to share. I hope you find your lost items.

And have a great trip!