Wednesday, January 20, 2010

UFO # 20

When people started showing me their versions of the Ink Circles SAL mystery in 2008, I was intrigued. Intrigued enough to start it. Over one. On 32 ct. Because I reasoned that I didn't need another BAP. Instead I have M(inature)BAP. I seem to have a lot of these.

I'm not afraid of stitching over one. As long as I have good lighting and I am not tired.

I have not worked on BOINK in a year. Counting it is a bear. Most of the stitching took place outdoors in the summer of 2008. Kitted it from my stash. Some neutral 32 ct. linen and Carrie's Creations threads.

I believe my intent was to finish that thread that it is in the needle and move in at the corner. Would make counting easier if I had some interior portions finished. No way am I stitching that entire frame first. And I believe I will enlarge those middle Celtic knots. Because frogging over one is such a PITA!

Not going to give up on this one. Because it could be completely stunning.

Enough acronyms in this post to satisfy a retired Army officer wife!

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