Saturday, January 23, 2010

UFO # 22 & 23

This is slightly disconcerting. I posted #22 yesterday. But it's not here. I ever wrote it down in my notebook, which I don't do until I post.

Sigh. Let's see what I can recreate. This is Amybear's "Night Flight," a companion piece to "Desert Sunset." A friend stitched the desert piece and it's amazing.

I had tremendous difficulty trying to locate a Watercolours that was vibrant blue/green like the photo. Eventually I gave up.

Then I stitched the second section and didn't like the lighter canvas showing through so I took that out and painted the canvas. Now I need to go back and stitch it.

Love this piece. Will definitely stitch it.

Because this is a long piece of canvas on stretcher bars and occasionally I need to use a laying tool, I am actually stitching the piece sideways. This way it fits on my table stand. I probably could have done it on my floor stand the long way, but something else was occupying the floor stand. And my floor stand isn't tremendously portable.

The cardinal piece - well you can see the designer info in the photo. This is intended as a gift. Maybe in June. Maybe for Christmas. On PTP Heritage with the called for threads.

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