Thursday, January 07, 2010

UFO # 7

Today I bring you a Catherine Strickler piece - Indigo Rose "Catherine's Armchair Pinkeep." This was a Saturday class for my EGA chapter last year? Or was it the year before? Memory fail.

This is progress I made the day of the class. Too funny. I enjoyed the class. Loved hearing her stories. I even like the piece. But I had so much in rotation at the time that this piece never made its way in. I have seen a few finished versions from that class and every time I say to myself I should get that out and work on it.

My real intention at the time was to finish another Indigo Rose piece first before working on the pinkeep. You'll see that one later in this UFO and WIP program.

Meanwhile I continue to plug away at my Quaker Diamond. I can see the end in sight, but am uncertain if the finish will come before or after the class reveal on January 23rd. I continue to have the interesting experience of - if I don't like the motif while I'm stitching on it, I will eventually decide that it doesn't work and frog it or part of it. And then change motifs or at least colors. It's funny how some of the things I thought I'd like, I didn't. And one motif that I did for balance has become my new favorite. I am certainly learning a lot from this experience.

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