Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oh My Gosh

It's almost warm outside! Amazing. Nearly twenty degrees above freezing. It's incredible.

And in other news, today I had more than 12 inches of hair cut off my head. And I had it colored. Something I had stopped doing. Now that gray at the front looks like blond highlights. I know it is terrible to post news like this without photos, but I'm waiting for someone to come home and take photos. It isn't exactly what I pictured, but I can live with it. (I've got hair issues. The back has become insanely curly and will make beautiful spiral curls. The stuff right on the top, is straight as it always used to be. Two. Two. Two heads in one!) I'm fairly certain that with some mousse, I can rock the wet head look. And turning over while sleeping may no longer wake me up because there's no hair to trap me.

Need to take more photos to continue UFOs...

If you need a stitchy fix, I strongly suggest going to Threadworx and signing up for their journal. First issue is impressive.


Sara Leigh said...

I haven't had a chance to read my "copy" of the journal yet, but it looks great!

GingerCat said...

I had to laugh at your comments about the "warm" weather! It was so nice to go out without a coat on Thursday. I am hoping for an early Spring effect in Northern VA!

BTW - I love your UFOs. We all have so many things that we have started, but laid aside when the piece did not hold our interest. Thanks for sharing.