Tuesday, January 05, 2010

UFO #5

Today we have a project from Kreinik's Remember the Ladies series. This is "Abigail's Wisdom" designed by Ellen Chester of With My Needle.

I don't recall exactly when this one came out, but I purchased it the first time I laid eyes on it. Came with the silk threads. I'm pretty certain I have my linen choice recorded in my journal - at the moment I'm unsure of where this is. I will edit this later if I find it and remember.

I made a decent start on this one. But for some reason I stopped when I got to the part where I needed to stitch over one. I decided to alter things slightly. And didn't like what I did. Much later I frogged that and continued with the directions. Made a bit a progress before a rotation took this out and it never made it back in again. That means my reasons for stopping - over one stitching and the colors. I'm just not that fond of pastels. I will finish this one. And then start my other Remember the Ladies kit - "Enough is as a Feast" whose colors I like much better.

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Anna van Schurman said...

I've done "Enough" and have "Remember the Ladies" around somewhere. I bought it for the quote. Never did start it. Sigh.