Monday, January 04, 2010

UFO #4

Terrible picture. Oh.

This is from Hillside Samplings whose website seems to be full of broken links. I can only see the main page and nothing else. It's called "A Cat in Snowman's Clothing" - a white cat posing as a snowman to lure in a cardinal.

I bought this years ago to stitch for my MIL whose was happily owned by a large white cat called Boots (for his extra digits.) There was nothing small, dainty, or gentle about this cat. A ferocious hunter, he was an indoor/outdoor kitty who didn't mind the snow of NH until it got too deep. He tolerated us when we visited. And as he aged he even learned to occasionally sit with someone other than Mother.

The reason I stopped stitching on this piece: the fabric. It is an evenweave that I didn't enjoy working on and I'm sure I put it aside for something more pleasurable. And then Boots passed on and I didn't think the time was right to give this to my MIL. I will attempt to finish this one this year as I'm certain she would enjoy it.

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