Tuesday, January 19, 2010

UFO # 19 and a Finish

UFO # 19 is Little House's colonial coffee piece - "Ye Olde Coffee House." Sorry I couldn't find a better place to take a photo that morning. But this means you can't see my mistake. That top row of single stitches, my Xs are crossed in the wrong direction. I've been stitching for how long and I made this mistake? Started this back in 2006 or 2007. Changed the called from DMC to Crescent Colours. This may be one of my first pieces to use CC threads. Anyway that top row will be ripped and restitched. And I changed the year from year of the Boston Tea Party to the year of my hometown's incorporation. A couple of hours and this will be finished. It's a good stitch in public piece and will try to finish it in February.

This is a photo of a finish from 2008. At least my part was finished then. Sara Leigh Merrey of Merrey Designs (website has been deleted. SL notified me that she no longer has control over it) had started this piece of gingko leaves inside a truncated gingko leaf. At the time I was playing around with blackwork and somehow I ended up stitching the middle piece and choosing the blackwork fills. When I finished it, we knew it looked okay, but something was missing. We kind of kicked it around for a bit, and one day at the shop I was talking about it with our friend, Jill. Jill was the one who had the brilliant suggestion that rescued this piece from oblivion. She sketched out a quick triptych. I told SL about the idea. And of course the piece of linen this is one wasn't big enough. But she stitched the two side pieces on separate pieces of linen. And the masterful framer, Clive, at the Brit's Gallery did a brilliant job of framing.

On a side note, I have managed somehow to misplace my computer glasses. They are somewhere in the house. I had them Sunday night. They were gone Monday morning. Come out, come out, wherever you are, you helpful little things...

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Anna van Schurman said...

That ginko leaf is cool. But I hate stinko trees!