Sunday, January 10, 2010

UFO # 10

A Mill Hill kit for a scissor pocket. I just thought it was cute and I liked the colors. And doing this on the ribband makes for quick finishing. My problem - not very portable with all these beads.

Will I get back to it? I am not certain.


Rachel said...

Love the idea of a post a day of various wips. If I may borrow your idea and so the same? May be the good kick in the pants I need to get more of mine finished this year.

Kristen said...

I only recently got a Tacky Bob, and is it ever worth the $8.

Cute kit, though.

Donna said...

@Rachel. Please. Feel free. I am shamelessly copying this idea from Jeanne of Just String.

@Kristen - Tacky Bob for travel. Good idea. I usually only bead at home at the dining room table. Will remember to pick up a TB next time I see one! Thanks.