Monday, January 18, 2010

UFO # 18

Number 18. I've got to say this isn't going to be as long a list as I had feared. Phew. *Wiping sweat from brow.* There is an end in sight. Blog will go dark for a week here at the end of the month. But I'll be at the beginning of February with all sorts of fabulousness as I finish up the UFO counting.

Today we have the "All Year Square" pin and scissor keep by Betsy Morgan of Willing Hands Needlework Designs. Most of you probably haven't heard of Betsy except through me or someone else writing about taking a class with her. Thus far, Betsy has been teaching through the guilds. I love her designs. Usually small. But detailed with just enough complication to be out of the ordinary.

This piece was taught at my EGA chapter last summer. And this is all I finished. Sad, but true. Maybe I'll take this one to London with me. Though I did finish Betsy's Nantucket Morning Glory basket in 2009. I think that makes my goal on this one 2011!

In other news:

I'm cranking on my Quaker Diamond. Got in a couple of hours yesterday. And can see the home stretch. One more major motif, and I'll be working on filling in the little spaces. Will post of photo of this by the weekend whether it is finished or not.

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The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Betsy is wildly talented. I hope one day she'll teach more but I guess it is hard to do with a family.

Take one of her classes if you can, folks.