Sunday, January 03, 2010

Sorry I Missed Yesterday

It was DH's birthday. Left early to drop DD's car off at garage. Then went and got breakfast and headed into D.C.

In honor of DH, here is a UFO. This is a Candamar? needlepoint stocking that I've had for years. Acquired some time in the 1990s. When viewed close-up I see the need to frog and start over as I ended and started threads on the diagonal on the back. This is a patriotic snowman. At one point I believe I considered making needlepoint stockings for everyone. And then just decided that wasn't going to happen. Will I ever finish it? Maybe. Sometime when I need something mindless. I do feel guilty when I look at it...

Yesterday was a stop at one of our favorite places - the National Building Museum.

If you've never been here, next time you're in D.C. you should stop in and visit. Even if you're not into architecture. (This place has one of the best gift shops in the city.) Originally built to house the Pension Bureau after the Civil War, the design also included a grand space to host social events. It's a favorite spot of local families with young children, especially in the winter as there is room to run and romp and plenty of family friendly activities.

We left there and continued on to visit the US Botanical Gardens. This is another D.C. space that people often overlook, though the Christmas displays have become a tradition and are drawing more people every year. They have been creating the scaled-down Mall in plant materials along with a model train display that includes places from the Wild West and Fairytale Land.

And today's UFO is from the Goode Huswife - "The Black Forest." Here's a funny story about this piece. I purchased it shortly after it was released and started it not long after that. Changed the threads slightly to use what I had. And then it got shuffle away during a rotation. And I started stitching on Thursday mornings at the Scarlet Thread, where I looked at a finished version of this every week. I looked at that version so often, that I thought I had finished my own! Was I ever surprised to not find this in the finished pile, but in the unfinished pile! Nothing like my mind playing tricks on me.

This goes in the definitely I will finish it pile.

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