Sunday, July 04, 2010

3rd of July

What to do? We decided not to go to the mountains or down Maine. Time, logistics, etc. So Saturday was for hanging out and running errands.

Drove by the Toyota dealer to check out the 2011 Avalons just for fun. Only one fully loaded one - there's a difference between here and metro D.C. 

DH stopped to replenish the cigar supply. Nasty hobby. But it makes him happy.

Stopped by Doc Green's for some gifty type things and to replenish our own supply. Last night I tried (ri)1 - look I can't type that correctly here - it's pronounced rye one. Smooth, slightly spicy with a nice cotton candy sweet finish. 

We stopped for lunch at one of our newer regular stops:  The Holy Grail. 

 Used to be St. Joseph's located in Epping, NH.

 I apologize for not taking photos of the inside. They've done a beautiful job. All the windows are intact. The baptismal font is still there. And there's a gorgeous mural on the back wall behind the bar.

Here's my meal. Bangers and colcannon with a side of rings and a Shipyard summer ale. 

On the way to pick up some veggies and beer for today, we stopped by my old school.

They renovated the Academy Building and even better cut down the trees so people can see it. 

 This is where I used to live - the Library. Day students had carrels in front of each of the windows. A place to park one's books and allegedly study. Okay. we did study some. But we did spend a lot of time screwing around and annoying the librarians. 

Today we are off to the lake for food, drinking, and fun. 


Anna van Schurman said...

My mom practice taught in Exeter. Not at Exeter--she was early childhood ed. Also, a New Englander buy a fully loaded car? C'mon! The dealers are lucky we buy new cars at all.

Joan said...

OH, tempted me with the dinner plate but when I saw your SCHOOL I nearly wept.

As for your typewriting...must be the rye one that did it....and it has aftereffects.....

Easy to see your fascination with "paradise." You found it.