Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend's Progress

I'm normally not one to give up. But give up I have. It became quite apparent to me that I had no chance of completing my President's Challenge piece by Saturday, the 24th. I will be bringing it in progress.

This freed me, both mentally and physically, to stitch on other things. Here's the progress on my Ravish Me canvas. I am so happy that I got the compensation around the letters correct and everything matches as it should. I realize that this is not my best technical work. And I don't care. I got this canvas from someone giving it away. I kitted with stuff from my stash, but now I need another skein of pearl cotton. 

I'm going to add some rows around the outside as this will be a pillow. It would be nice to get this to the finishers before the end of July. Though it may take longer if I decide I need to make tassels. 

More important than Ravish Me, I picked up Stars again. And immediately unpicked the last thread I put in - how did I miss that giant knot on the back? I've got to say that Clark Gable is killing me. I love how the couched triangles look - those pink ones, but absolutely hate couching with two different threads. I've got three needles going and I think towards the end of the third triangle I have finally figured out a rhythm. 

Those brown triangles have got to go. It was one of those triangles that I had to remove the thread because of the knot. Then I couldn't decide if I had flipped the Grandeur and Pebbly Perle. Pretty sure I did. But anyway. I've decided that these are too dark for Clark. Then I wasn't paying attention and stitched the layered triangles with too many plies causing me to unpick yet again. I will eventually finish this square and move on. And fortunately I feel motivated to move on quickly. No more futzing around.


Bonnie said...

Of course, you had the normal weekend traffic and then add to that those going up to Ocean City, Bethany Beach, and Rehoboth and those just passing thru headed to beaches either further north or further south.

Elmsley Rose said...

It took me 1.5 hours to figure out the right smooth gold thread to use in heavy chain stitch the other day - a lot of frogging there too!

Sometimes, embroidery is just like this. Gotta play to get the right results.

And the thought of doing the "stars" piece just makes me shiver. Too complicated for lil' ol' me. :-)

Good on you!

Front Range Stitcher said...

I love your colorway on Stars. Keep on going!