Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Last Days of Sale

I needed to go to south county yesterday so I planned in a stop at In Stitches in Alexandria. I had totally forgotten that they were having a Christmas in July sale!


I broke down and bought Arelate Studios book "Here be Wyverns." I did this backwards as I've owned "Here be Drolleries" for years now. Funny how I could have used this book a few months ago. But it's mine now. And I got it on sale. For less than a used copy on Amazon, 'cause I just checked. 

Bought one Christmas pattern - Little House's Snowy Pines ornament. I'm not interested in owning them all as the only other one I have is Fa La La. I will no longer buy all just because I must. I won't. No. I won't.

The rest of purchases were threads for the ANG Workshop by Mail project, Carlene Hardwick's "Royal Wind." My sister donated a pin to this project that I'm going to use in place of the sequin and this required a slight changing of the colors. I've replaced the purples with a green and will stitch it on light blue congress cloth. Then I realized I needed to change the gold metallics, too. But now I have everything. Plus I got to spend a quiet hour in a needlework store and that's always a good thing. 

Oh and I picked up the Fall issue of SANQ. I just had a little debate here about linking to their website as they show there current issue as Spring. As a quarterly magazine, this makes them six months out of date? I just wrote to them about this.

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Teresa S. said...

I stopped at In Stitches while on vacation in Virginia in June--it is a great store. I could spend way too much money there!