Saturday, July 03, 2010

The Living is Easy

Yesterday I ran off with my sister to do some antiquing. I found a few interesting things. Including a dinner plate whose pattern name is Needlepoint. 

Later my hubby and I went to the beach. No trip home is complete with sticking feets or maybe fingers in the Atlantic Ocean (fingers only in December - brrr!)

 The newish take-out place on Route 1-A in North Hampton that everyone is raving about. Why are they raving? Next photo:

See this lobster roll? DH had already eaten half of the lobster! Nom. Nom. 

After many noms, we took a stroll along the beach across the street. For the Friday of a holiday weekend, the place is nearly deserted. This does not bode well for the tourist industry. 

Here is my progress on my Beth Russell kit that we bought in London. It is a good thing I love the color blue, because the background is going to be endless.

Progress on my Pamela Darney sampler. I'd say I'm about halfway finished...

Close-up of my name. Scissors are there on purpose...

It was Pam's idea for me to stitch the letter "a" over one and that way I could fit in my initials with my last name. Elegant solution and I love it. 

Today we're off to run errands. Look at cars. Prepare for tomorrow's festivities at the lake. Might be able to get some interesting photos...


Rosali said...

El buho es precioso.

Lisa said...

We enjoyed the beach on the opposite side of the US :) Nice start to the holiday weekend! Sounds like it was for you too! Beautiful stitching you are doing. I love your solution for the "a" as well, good work!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!