Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Intentions Are Good

I always have the best of intentions. It is my follow through that needs work. 

Case in point:

Tea cosy from an EGA GCC that I did in New York with the Mid-Hudson Chapter back in 2004? Designed by Dianne Lewandowski. Uses wool threads (mostly) on wool that was imported from Australia. I wish I had done a better job attaching the handle on the top, but otherwise I'm pleased with my tea cosy. 

This is not the tea cosy that I normally use. I use one that my DH brought back from Kuwait for me. Blue velvet. Stuffed the max. Stitched with gold threads and fake pearls. It can keep a pot of tea hot for an hour easily. 

The intent with my cosy was that we were going to start a traveling tea cosy and I offered up mine. See - I even took it out and about for photos. Here it is sitting on the steps near the fountain at the Reston Town Center. I intended to take it further afield and get photos of it at some of the monuments and memorials. Never did it. And that's as far as I got on this particular project. 
What to do with these good intentions? Finish what I start. I'm not saying I'm going to resurrect the traveling tea cosy idea. I'm just using that as an illustration. But I am resolving to follow things through to completion, at least more often than I have in the past. 

 And because I can show this, I will. This is a whacked out garden plot at Prescott Park in Portsmouth in 2009.

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