Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I have the time. I have the required items. What I don't have is a clear day with no rain expected. 

We need to do some painting of the deck fence according to HOA. And I'm willing. I even bought some boards to replace what is beyond just covering with paint. Yesterday I trimmed the azaleas and scraped in preparation. But now the weather is being uncooperative. Not much I can do about it. 
Yesterday's crossed fingers seem to have worked. Either that or the fact that after being on the market for 21 months, my sister finally buried a statue of St. Joseph beside the for sale sign. Really? The day before the buyers approached my sister's realtor, she dug a hole and planted Joseph. Let's just say I am amused. Also sad and relieved. My grandparents bought this property the year I was born. I grew up thinking everyone had a summer place. Or if they didn't have one, they rented one. I think I was ten or so before I realized I was wrong. 

Here's a salute to the hours I spent lying in the sun. Swimming. Fishing. Water skiing. Boating. Eating. Playing. Reading in a hammock under the pine trees. Cooking. Ice skating. Playing with fire. Sledding. Enjoying thunderstorms. Marveling at the damage a thunderstorm can do. Drinking. Playing cards - oh my - whist anyone? Making mud pies. Playing whiffle ball. Frisbee. Tag. Hide n Seek. Jarts. Badminton. Croquet. Taking a boat ride to the State Park for ice cream. Watching the next generation enjoy the place as much I do. 

  Here's a little tribute to our camp that I made a while back. It has forget-me-nots, cattails, blueberries, lily pads and lady slippers on it. I couldn't figure out a good way to do white Mayflowers on this.

The original design is by Lucy Edminson and we got to choose how to embellish the pyramid. I chose to remember a place that I love.


Anna van Schurman said...

Burying Saint Joseph statues is really popular around here. I even have a Jewish friend who did it! (And her house sold. For the asking price, which, frankly, was a little high for the 'hood.)

Lisa said...

St. Joseph helped get our townhouse sold, too, many years ago. We purchased in a new development that was built in an area that was developed in the 1950's; thus, the townhouses looked out of place. When it was time to sell the place, for it was getting too small for our growing family, it's listing on the market was long (long enough that we started paying 2 mortgages). Finally, my grandmother sent a St. Joseph's statue with directions...and within a week the townhouse was sold.
I am sure that saying good-bye to the summer place will bring a lot of mixed emotions...sounds like you have a lot of wonderful memories which I know you will treasure forever!
Take care.

Christa Evans said...

I highly recommend St Joseph. We buried him in our front bed on Friday, contract on house signed today! Bit of a shock but I give him the credit. Very catholic momma the credit for encouraging me to bury him. Good luck!

Love the new banner picture. Enjoying your memories.

C in DC said...

Your pyramid is lovely!

Front Range Stitcher said...

Love these little pyramids.