Saturday, July 31, 2010

Back to Regularly Scheduled Programming

Who can identify exactly what this is? Anyone? Other than the person who was with me on Wednesday, July 28th, 2010. 

Now I'm having a very interesting problem here. I've got three needlework update photos to post my progress. Picassa is telling me what the file is on the disk, but when I click upload I get a photo that is a few photos earlier in that file. Let's see if I can figure this one out. 

Okay. I figured out why it's happening. But don't know how to fix it. I had photos on a card. I took the card out of my camera and put it in my son's camera. Those four photos are showing the same file number as the last four photos I had taken previously. Guess I should just go retake the photos. Which would be the third time. Because the first time I forgot to put my card in his camera. Argh. This is getting silly.

Ah. Now I found them. Okay. Let's try this again. 

First we have a Stars update. Clark Gable is the second square. See the lower left corner of Clark? That's my substitutions to make the corners lighter. Still not as light as some people's. But a huge improvement. 

This is the Captain's Rellek by Michelle Ink. Color's a bit off as the fabric is DaVinci and it should be reading purple. If you go and look at the chart, you won't really even be able to see this part. This is the ship at the top of the piece. The individual sails are filled in with different stitches. And I'm stitching with two strands of silk, rather than one. I like the filled in look. I still need to do the Hardanger wrapped bars and dove's eyes. 

And lastly we have, Constantinople. Last week I took out all my outer border gobelin with dark green in Pearl #5. Yesterday I started replacing it with six strands of floss. I like it much better. It's all about making me happy, isn't it???


Sparkly Rock Girl said...

Looks like a Saturn 5 to me....

Guildford, UK

Bonnie said...

Definitely better with the floss. I know it was a pain taking out the perle but it was worth it.

Kathryn said...

Is it a light fixture?

Yes, the floss looks better and if it makes you happy...

Hardanger, better you than me. Give me a Jessica anytime rather than hardanger.

Sara Leigh said...

Hahahaha. It does look a bit like a Saturn 5, though on a much smaller scale I'm thinking.

Clark's new colors are much, much better. I think the color balance is right for your colorway.

Constantinople's looking great. The floss is much better than the perle coton.