Sunday, July 25, 2010

EGA July Meeting Redux

I'm not certain we ever actually got to yesterday's forecasted high of 100+ degrees. But it sure did feel that way, especially if you had to make multiple trips in and out to the car to retrieve things. I felt like I was a melting wicked witch for the first two hours I was there helping to set up and even on into the beginning of class time. I know plenty of people who vowed last February that they wouldn't complain about the heat this summer, but I think everyone here has broken that vow. 

Bonnie wants to know how successful were we yesterday and what did I buy.

We brought in five outside vendors for the first time. And I'd say everyone was pretty happy with how things went. We had a good crowd and we did have some people from outside the organization come and shop. 

As for what I bought - 15 skeins of Glorianna. I won't tell you the price. Let's just say that Kathy Barrick was there and she's not interested in stitching supplies anymore. I also bought two more of her patterns - one a sampler and the other her baking and broiling apron which I saw as the framed version and it's so cute. She was also selling models and though I was tempted, I resisted. 

My only other purchases were from Catherine Jordan as I finally broke down and bought her Jamestowne map. I'm going to need good lighting for this. Browns on a tannish linen over one. And I weirdly bought a Clark's thread tin from her. I say weirdly because the color is a pale, pale pink and features a girl and a sheep. That parts not me at all. But it's the fact of the brand name Clark that made this a must buy. (DD's school - Clark University.)

Sara Leigh and Dawn were doing big business and I went through things one more time. The Jean Hilton charts are tempting, but I really should work my way through Stars first. 

We didn't get out of there until close to four p.m. Getting into that hot box of a car was painful. I didn't feel cool again until about ten miles down the road.
This morning I've already been outside watering and weeding. I feel like a limp dish rag already. I see a small break coming on Tuesday when we are not supposed to get be over 90 degrees. It's pretty bad when 87 sounds like paradise.

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