Thursday, July 15, 2010

Almost Done

Somehow I developed time issues yesterday. It seems that I never noticed on Tuesday that some had left voice mail and that my hair appointment that I thought was next week, was actually yesterday. So I cleared the decks and stitched only a tiny bit during daylight hours. But after last night's board meeting and I came home and rocked out on my current mystery sampler project. I've got less than two hours of work left to stitch today as tomorrow is pass along the project day. Of course, during the process of clearing the decks I totally spazzed on returning a phone call. Fortunately I was caught on facebook later and though I missed the pleasure of vocal give and take, we caught up on a potential visit. Yes! 

Today's stitching will be all about seeing if I have a prayer of making the deadline for the President's Challenge. I can't believe I got bogged down again on this. As this is a problem of my own making, I don't deserve the opportunity to complain. Let's just say that some sampler stitches take longer to stitch than I ever imagined...

Time to start the second half of the season. 

We are dedicated fans. 

Given how much time we spend watching and reading and talking baseball, amazingly little of it bleeds over into this blog. I'm aware not everyone shares our obsession. You're welcome!

And finally - my historic photo of the day:

I imagine there are quite a few people who live in my hometown who do not know this exists. It's a plaque on a rock in a field. Love the lichens on that good NH granite boulder. I stopped here a couple of years back to snap this photo. Poor DD got eaten alive by mosquitoes!


Anna van Schurman said...

My plaque photo is one that Bette Davis put up for Arthur Farnsworth, "Keeper of the Stray Ladies," on Coppermine Trail in Franconia.

Front Range Stitcher said...

Great post! The plaque is amazing; written in the days when real people spoke real words. Thanks for sharing this today and good luck on your near finish!