Sunday, July 18, 2010

Off to Montpelier

Some of the locals will be familiar with Montpelier Mansion in Laurel, MD. The Needle Art 2010 show commenced on Friday and I convinced DH to take a ride with me yesterday to visit. 

Let's begin by saying that for a Saturday, traffic was super duper pain in the @$$ here yesterday. Good thing we weren't in a rush to get anywhere. When we finished with congratulating ourselves for choosing to go around the Beltway in the long direction (Outer Loop as opposed to Inner where there had been a tanker crash), some other brilliant person then crashed right near where we needed to exit. The Inner Loop crash was still being cleaned up when we returned home hours later. Sorry, all you people who were just trying to drive the north/south corridor. 

This was my first time visiting Montpelier. The house itself is lovely. A Georgian mansion built in the 1780s. During the show you are still able to view many of the furnished rooms and they fortunately have many family pieces that were once associated with the house.

This year's show has 159 pieces entered. And it's terrific how close you can get to the majority of them. How amazing that I know so many of these stitchers. LOL. Been getting around, what can I say? 

It was really too darn hot to spend much time walking around the grounds. But I love the tremendous Osage Orange tree behind the house. It's huge and lovely. 

The show runs through July 30th from 11-4 daily.

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