Friday, July 23, 2010

Alicia's Lace

I'm the worst of the worst because I don't have a photo. Or the time to go and take one and post it. 

But my Alicia's Lace variation stitch is the perfect solution on Constantinople. Way better than the original stitch. I stitched one box and I'm thrilled. Honestly, Sara Leigh can tell you that I couldn't stop congratulating myself. 

Unfortunately. I. Discovered. Another. Problem. 

Huge, heavy sigh. 

Talk about a roller coaster ride. I'm so happy, then boom, the bottom falls out. 

My next problem has to do with the border. Argh. I had stitched all my green pearl cotton upright gobelins and thought I'd see what the red metallic braid will look like on top of it. 

Color works fine, which I had been concerned with.

But I've got these gaping holes with the gobelins that the herringbone is only accentuating. All that pearl has to come out. The only decent solution I see is six strands of floss. 

Can I just say I hate taking out and restitching? I realize some people are much more in tune with this process, tweaking things until they get it just right. I'm trying to make myself okay with doing this. Maybe I'll always have those moments of agony first. But with some effort on my part I might be able to convince myself that it's all part of an experiment and sometimes you need a redo.

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Sara Leigh said...

Oh no! I feel your pain. It'll be worth it, though.