Monday, November 28, 2011

Back on Schedule with the Shop Meme

Just in time to do the shop meme that's floating around some of the blogs.

Alright. I'm certain I'm going to have do some updating on this due to my faulty memory. In other words, today's post is not final.

Needlework stores I have shopped at in person. I have to say that every single one that I ever visited, I at least purchased a few fibers. Some of them are unfortunately long gone. Some more recently gone. I've met some wonderful people in these places and I wish the ones that are still in business continued good health and prosperity. 

I'm thinking my list will be a sort of time order. It will be easier for me to remember that way. And if it's in italics, that means it's no longer in business.

1986 - before this year, I think most of my supplies came from Woolworths or other department stores like Ames and Zayre's. These don't really count on this list, but I just want to point out that I was stitching long before 1986.

The first shop remains unnamed because I can't remember it. Was run by some American woman living on a base somewhere in Germany. LOL That's vague. 

Second shop - and I still have supplies that I know were purchased here. I've never worked my way through that entire yard of Belfast driftwood. 
Cabbage Patch Boutique and Cross Stitch Shop. In Hanau, FRG. Some of us Army wives got tired of not having access to new things so we started a cross stitch shop inside the crafts consignment shop. 

Third - In Stitches in Alexandria, VA. Was located right up the road from Ft. Belvoir and when I first walked in I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. My first experience here though was unpleasant. It was 1989 and I was interested in some of the relatively new 16ct Aida in a multiple of colors. I was told they didn't have it and why wasn't I working on linen in a snooty tone. Fortunately, this didn't totally drive me off. I went back. Many times. Because we kept moving back here to Virginia. Lucky me.

Crossed Canoes - Alexandria, VA
Elsa Williams shop in Massachusetts
Yankee Cross Stitch - North Hampton, NH
Needlepoint shop in the Barnyard Village in Carmel, CA  
a cross stitch shop in Hollister, CA
The Fuzzy Penguin - Sacramento, CA
a cross stitch shop in Sacramento - was either on Sunrise or Fair Oaks Blvd.
Needlework Boutique in Carmichael, CA - the shop owned by LeAnn Bemis - I don't know if she still has a shop
the Elegant Stitch, Modesto, Ca
a cross stitch shop in Stockton, CA

Ruth's Stitchery - Colorado Springs
Needle Nuts - Colorado Springs
The Counting Bee - Littleton, CO

Needlewoman East - Falls Church, Va
The Scarlet Thread - Fairfax, Va

the shop in Center Harbor, NH that is now mostly Keepsake Quilting

Deer Hill Farm - Hyde Park, NY
Where Victoria's Angels Stitch - NJ
Edwardian Needle - NJ
there was one more shop in NJ, but I don't remember name or town

The Golden Needle - Port Charlotte, FL
Needlepoint Ivy - Venice, FL
Needlepoint in Paradise - Naples, FL

The Scarlet Thread - Vienna and Great Falls, VA
The Three Sisters - Woodbridge, VA
Everything Cross Stitch - Fredericksburg, VA
Threads - Charlottesville, VA
The Stitcher's Stash - Fairfax, VA
The Waste Knot - Arlington, VA

The Thistle Needleworks - Glastonbury, CT
The Stitching Post - Catonsville, MD
Bedecked and Beadazzled - Lutherville, MD
Needles and Threads of Ruxton - MD

Town Ho - Brewster, MA
The World in Stitches - Littleton, MA

The Strawberry Sampler - Glen Mills, PA

Not a bad list. I'm pretty certain I've forgotten some! Sorry, if you're still in business.

And though The Scarlet Thread is no longer a brick and mortar store, it exists today as a counted canvaswork internet store.

edit - December 2nd

While typing a reply to one of the comments here, I remembered some shops I forgot. 

In La Jolla, CA - Needle Nook of La Jolla. Love this place!

two other cross stitch shops in San Diego that I visited in 2004. Stitch-a-Cross and another one that I think is now out of business.

And in  New Orleans - The Garden District Needlework Shop - I had fantastic fun in here.

And the Quarter Stitch in the French Quarter which was quite charming.  



Lee said...

Your list is pretty extensive! I was beginning to think I was one of only a few shop-hunters.

Kathleen said...

That is quite a list with all of your worldly travels...and I thought for sure I would see "Wild & Wooly Needlecrafts" on your list of shops from Virginia!

Stitchinowl said...

I spy many familiar names on your list. My favorite is Thistle Needleworks. So many beautiful shop models, plus there's Barnes & Noble right across the road. I've found In Stitches to be a friendly or snooty atmosphere, depending on the day. Still, they have a great selection of samplers.