Thursday, November 24, 2011

Barely Keeping Up With November

The usual feast. Nothing extraordinary. But very satisfying. 

I did find a few moments to try and stitch on one of my Crazy January projects. I finished a thread, ended it, and only then realized I had made a mistake before I even picked it up. So on with the ripping. 

As the house is symmetrical, I don't know how I missed that before. I guess I was distracted while watching Don Draper and gang. I made very little progress on something I should be able to just bang out. C'est la vie. 

Here's a couple of photos I took a few weeks ago. This plant is called Beautyberry. I don't know if this particular one is a native as there are types both from the southeastern US and Japan. 

I do know I want to find one of these next year because it's so striking in the autumn. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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