Sunday, November 13, 2011

November in Photos

Finally. I'm home and have time to catch up here. 

Though I should be outside doing leaf removal and putting the garden to bed while it's nice outside, I'd rather sit and write a nice, long post. 

Let's start with some recent pics. Last Sunday afternoon, I went for a walk in a wetlands remediation area not far from my house. It's tucked in between some major roads and large office buildings. If I worked near here I'd be walking through here every lunch hour. I had a feeling that if I had walked off the path into the woods, I would have disturbed a few deer. Saw lots of turtles enjoying the late autumn sun. But not a lot of birds.

Now to share some needlework.

This is the photo of the strawberry class I took on Friday with Barbara Jackson. Also here's my start:

We began by stitching our linen onto a piece of muslin. And then came the appreciation of the Heathway wools. These are on the Tristan Brooks website. I can't say enough about how lovely they are. Currently there are 20 color families available with 9 color values in each family (plus whites and black.) A total pleasure to work with. You really should go look for yourself at Tristan Brooks. 

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Donna said...

Hey. It was going to be a nice long post. Then I got involved talking on the phone! LOL