Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Favorite Places

Lee, of the Lake Stitcher, may have helped more than one of us today with inspiration for posting. 

On Monday a nice man came with Two Guys and a Truck and took away our entertainment center which was large and heavy and made of oak in the Mission style. I'll miss it. 


Our living/dining room suddenly seems so large. And I have to love that. 

Here's a photo of a corner where it was. 

First, I agree. The faux painted walls have to go. It's been 6 years and it's time to move on. Though I do like the glow on certain mornings, when the light is wrong, it looks kinda orange. 

Second. Now the couch is over where the entertainment unit was. Look, I've already got a project sitting at my favorite spot ready for stitching. And there's my Amethyst Dreams hanging on the wall where it used to be in a dark corner that's now well-lit.

I do a lot of stitching sitting on the couch. Some sitting at the dining room table. And some upstairs in my nest. And quite a bit in other places - which are my stitching groups. And we won't even talk about my stitching in public habits. 

Right now there are only 3 projects not in my room which is due for organizing today. 

  1. The Rose which you can see on my library table
  2. my school Quaker
  3. Molehill to Mountain
Time for me to go run errands. Then it's home to swap my winter and summer wardrobes. And play organizer.

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