Friday, November 04, 2011

First Friday

I can feel the deadlines looming. Birthdays, and Christmas presents to wrap and mail. I need to go order a turkey if I want to be guaranteed the right size all-natural one. Cleaning before guests arrive. Etc.

I blew it all off yesterday afternoon. Spent the morning with my special group of Thursday friends. Thirteen of us yesterday. More knitters than stitchers, but I love admiring the yarns and lovely items knitted from the yarns.

DH was working just down the road a few miles and he finished his meetings just after 3 p.m. I am currently in the full-time position of chauffeur as he broke his ankle back in October. (Let's just say he hobbled around on it for 10 days before seeing a doctor. He's in a walking cast and he cannot drive.) 

After I picked him up, I was going to go to the grocery store. But instead I walked into the house and up to my room that's such a mess it can't properly be called a studio. I cleaned up one half of the room. Got everything off the chair and sat down with a Crazy January project and turned on the 1st season of Soap on Netflix. My favorite line - The Godfather saying to Danny - "There's two things my mother can't stand. A guest host on the Tonight Show and food left on a plate." Made it through the 1st four episodes. Dosed off for a few minutes. Then went an ordered pizza for dinner. 

Now that's a good Thursday. I'm still trying to figure out a few things in this room. Like do I want to put up a pegboard grid thing. Or shelves? Do I want to attempt the horrid project that would bring my bookcase up two flights of stairs and removing my daughter's smaller one? Yes. My books have overflowed and maybe I just need to weed them carefully. But I thought I did that last fall when I moved into this room. Okay. I know. I've bought more since then. ARGH! (I just realized I missed talk like a pirate day this year. Was I in Florida?)

I'd like to remove my oak student desk. It isn't useful to me and is just taking up space, but I've got no where else to put it. And as it was my mother's, my sister's, mine, and then my daughter's desk, I refuse to deaccession it. 

I need to continue to shed papercrafting items. Because I'm not scrapping or rubberstamping any more. Just trying to be realistic. 

If DD could take possession somehow of her china cabinet, her cedar chest, her bookshelf and books, I'd have everything figured out. 

But I don't see that happening too soon. 


Charlotte said...

When our first born left for college, she took what she wanted, threw away a lot and then I packed the rest and put it in our storage room.

Rachel said...

I'll try and take as much stuff with me as I can when I come home for Thanksgiving!