Thursday, November 17, 2011


Almost forgot again! This gets harder as the month goes on...

Today I'm showing an original bargello design. I was working on this last fall as a possible class. I never finished it and went with another design. 

This is on congress cloth and the fibers are Carrie's Creation Caribbean Laney and DMC 3814. Mostly I was experimenting with using an overdye in bargello. I pulled this out tonight so I'd have something to take to an ANG chapter meeting. We had a wonderful potluck tonight and everything was delicious.
I had a purpose for this though I think that purpose is now unnecesarry. We'll see what I can do with it when it's done.

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BFromM said...

I love the Bargello design. I also love that thread. I have some of that sitting in my stash, and I was thinking of using it for Bargello, as well!