Friday, November 18, 2011

How Pretty Is This?

Today we're going to talk about an interesting possibility. 

The idea of joining two or more linens together to create a new piece of fabric.

Last Saturday I was in a class with Pam Darney of Guildhouse Samplers as she was teaching for the Loudoun Sampler Guild. Our class was about joining two colors of linen together and then even being able to stitch over the join. 

Now I already have a project that uses a joining technique for mating linen.
This is a needlebook project by Cindy Valentine that was in the July/August 2011 issue of Needlepoint Now. 

At seminar in Florida, I bought the kit from Cindy. How pretty is this? Three colors of linen, pearl cotton, one very lovely Glorianna overdyed silk, three overdyed cottons, and mother of pearl thread winders and beads. 

Look for this to join my rotation soon.

Now Cindy and Pam have slightly different ideas for joining the linens. Cindy employs pulling a thread from the linen. Pam joins without this guide line because she wants the fabric to have integrity when framing. 

While mulling about these differences I've had some thoughts. One- while trying hard to keep my linens on the horizontal line for Pam's piece I realized that a basting line on both pieces of linen would help keep things on the correct lines. And the other I need to talk to Pam about before commenting publicly. It's only fair. 


CalamityJr said...

What an intriguing idea! Keep us posted, please!

Bonnie said...

How is Pam???