Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'm Dying Here

I want to comment on my comments but am unable to string together coherent thoughts. Hubby has kindly given me his Thanksgiving cold and I am unable to breathe right. Or at all through my nose. 

Missed posting everyday in Nov. by one day.

But several of those posts shouldn't really count, like this one. 

I'll see you all as soon as long as I don't suffocate.


Ann said...

OH, NO--having just recovered, I know what you mean.

I recommend Nyquil and hot tea--better living through chemistry!

Jeanne said...

Feel better, Donna! And yes, I posted a few in the month that "shouldn't really count", either. I guess it comes with the territory. Best efforts do count! :-)

Sara Leigh said...

A post is a post is a post. They all count.