Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Tuesday Bluesday

Wait. I was going to title this post Red Tuesday and then I remembered it's Election Day. 

So even thought my post is red, I've turned on Bluesville for some red, hot music. 

Remember I got a new light? Well, I had to try it out. And the first thing I saw in my room on stretcher bars was my rose. 

This is the American Beauty designed by Debbee's Designs. I started this last January right around my grandmother's birthday. She truly loved her roses. Was disappointed that when she moved to Florida she couldn't grow them.  Her secret? She used to empty her coffee grounds and tea bags on them.

Eventually this will be one permanent rose in memory of her.

 I have put in about two more hours of work since last we saw it. This is the upper right. I've been working on this part upside down so I don't have to reach too far. Don't know what I'll do when I reach the middle. Eight different overdyed threads, each thread has its own stitch so eight different stitches. If I remember correctly it's 54 squares by 54 for a total of 2,916 four by four squares.

There's the new light. Perfection! And because Jane notices these things, my rose is dressed up with a bee needle minder. Yes. I bought that just for this piece. Seemed fitting. I promise better pictures next time. I only had my telephoto lense and was too lazy to go get the regular one!


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Thank you for noticing I notice. I have a brand new magnet for my next piece, too. We can be fashionable together.


Rachel S said...

Very pretty!