Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How Bad Can It Be?

My mother would be appalled to know that I am about to show you how bad things can get in my "room." When I was a young child, my sister and I were forced to keep things neat and tidy. All the time. 

When we got our own rooms, my mother didn't go upstairs that often. 

And thus, my room's appearance devolved into the total disaster state. 

I knew where everything was. In piles across the floor. I never lost anything. Periodically I was forced to clean. Which I did. And sometimes I even did it without prompting. 

But my natural state must be messy. Even though my brain feels calmer with a clean and tidy environment.

Thus we have the problem of running in and out of my studio. Grab something. Throw something in. 

It's been in quite a state since I returned from Seminar in September. I almost had it licked one day in October and then came another round of classes and things I needed to find and................

Here's a stitcher's unnatural environment:

                                               From the doorway looking in.

                                           The corner near the closet. 

                                       Heading down the wall towards the books. 

                                    Even my chair is occupied!

Now I've confessed my dirty little secret. I see canvases on the floor! Yikes. I have two cats. Even they aren't going in here right now. It's pretty bad. 

Today I'd like to right theses wrongs. But hubby has kindly given me his Thanksgiving head cold. I'd love to post a photo where we can see the rug tomorrow. But I may take an extended nap instead. 


Lee said...

LOL, LOL! I'm so glad you shared this. My room has space shared by my home office and my stitching/quilting supplies and it gets that way sometimes. I have a lot more paper laying around than you, though.

And as I was typing this, I could hear some floss-away bags sliding off the ironing board and onto the floor....

Anna van Schurman said...

Still, I win. Because things have devolved since the last time I tried to tidy the craft room. My mother just might hire me an organizer this year (it's been on my Christmas list for years!) Good luck. Though a nap does sound good.

MelissaD said...

ACK - no offense but that gives me the shudders...I am one of those anal everything in it's place all the time folks. Your room would drive me nuts :)
I'd come over and clean it up for you but I think you might be too far away.
Think of cleaning time as a good time to rediscover projects you forgot about and to purge those things you really don't need or want anymore - so you are making room to buy new stuff! LOL

Jeanne said...

This is great! Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one with a room that looks like this. (I actually think mine is a little worse!)

Sara Leigh said...

This is frighteningly similar to the way the office at Scarlet Thread looked. Hahahahahahaha.