Friday, April 18, 2008

About That Reply

About the online needlework show and Anna's comment about maybe we're getting jaded.

I can identify two factors that contribute to my lack of excitement.

  1. Though I haven't reached full capacity for stash enhancement, I am aware of personal limitations. And mostly that would be the limitation of time. I have more stash than I can stitch in a lifetime. At least I think I do. I know my speed limit and how much I can accomplish. For a design to enter my stash, I must feel compelled towards ownership. It must sing to me. And it can be a silly song or a serious one.
  2. These days I am entering into a period of design it yourself. I've enrolled in the EGA's Master Craftsman course for counted thread work. I've got a couple of quick and easy classes I've been developing. And suddenly I am seeing this world through a different set of eyes. If there's something I need, I can make it myself.

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