Monday, April 28, 2008

Too Tired

Was trying to stitch on my baseball biscornu - thanks to Anna for a great idea! - yesterday while watching the Red Sox in an afternoon game and I literally couldn't keep my eyes open. Did not make much progress. Sad, isn't it?

Game ended. Then we went to Best Buy and Barnes & Noble and did the old-fashioned thing - bought CDs. Also bought Wiffle Ball for the DS and Diner Dash for the computer. Got a Cake, a Smithsonian Folkways, two Gato Barbieri, and a Charlie Mingus CDs. Sometimes we still like our music the old way. What can I say? Came home and made a lovely dinner of pan-seared salmon, fingerling potatoes and mushrooms, and salad with fresh mozerella.

Posting is about to become spotty for a few days - time for the annual trip to retrieve DD from college. We only get to have her at home for less than 2 weeks, then she is off to Alaska where she'll be participating in a research project on stickleback fish. I leave on Wednesday and I guess we're returning on Sunday.

Now I'm off to catch up on the laundry. And other housework. And I need to return the shop keys. Darn.

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