Saturday, April 12, 2008

What to Do?

What do you write when you've got nothing on your mind and you're trying desperately to make sure you reach 1,000 posts in April?


Let's see. I could tell everyone that 3 samplers at EGA Headquarters in Louiseville will be featured on the Antiques Roadshow on May 5th.

Or I could highlight a new exhibit at the Textile Museum in Washington D.C.

It's called "Blue." A few years back they did "Red."

from their website:

The exhibition features blue textiles ranging from Greco-Roman and pre-columbian tunic fragments to installations by internationally renowned artists. Hiroyuki Shindo, a Japanese artist who grows and processes his own indigo to produce innovatively patterned textiles, as well as Maria Eugenia Davila and Eduardo Portillo, who raise silkworms and dye threads with natural dyes in Venezuela, highlight the ways that artists around the world are embracing this ancient dye to create works that speak to their own experience.

I'm looking forward to seeing that exhibit given my recent exploration with color. I think I've checked out every book on color and color theory from our library. And coincidentally there is a book called "Blue: The History of a Color "
by Michel Pastoureau which was very enjoyable. I hadn't realized that there was no word for the color blue in the bible.


C Michael said...

OMG - no word for "blue" in the bible? Literalists' heads will explode.

But wait, they get around using vehicles that the bible has no word for either.

Perhaps blue was invented after the bible was written.

Donna said...

Apparently "blue" in bible is more correctly translated as shiny or shining. And it references large bodies of water as being green, which makes sense.

I wish I had been away of this info last year when we saw the Bible exhibit last year.