Friday, April 04, 2008

Soon, Very Soon

I will be able to post a photo of this model project I've been working by the end of the month.

Yesterday I got the go ahead to continue with the blackwork (regardless of how I felt about it when I woke up. That's fine.)

I nearly completed a fill on a second leaf when I decided I didn't like it and ripped the entire thing out. Took me longer to rip it than to stitch it. Argh.

But a few hours today I should be complete the fillings. Then on to a border design??? Goal is to have it finished by Tuesday.

When I showed up at the shop yesterday morning the designer was not there and I didn't want to continue on the piece without her looking at it. I thought I had "Betsy" with me, but it wasn't in the bag. I picked up the shop round robin of A Most Noble Pursuit. Seven of the ten areas are completed on this piece. I kind of got drafted into maybe stitching one the areas after someone moved. Well, even though the fabric was gridded, there are mistakes. I went to start my square and realized that it was off by one thread. I can't imagine stitching on linen and putting my needle in the wrong hole. It's terribly difficult for my brain to do that. It wants to check that I'm right every time by looking for that vertical thread. Turns out that I could match it up with the square below me and stitch in the right holes. I'm off horizontally, but correct vertically with the other stitched parts. This isn't the only error on the piece. It'll have rustic charm. Yeah, that's it.

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Anna van Schurman said...

I hate when things are stitched in the vertical hole.