Wednesday, April 16, 2008

ah the garden center

Which is where I spent way too much money.

Even bought new gardening gloves, which weren't cheap. But they are strong, yet thin so I don't constantly feel like ripping them off and flinging them to the ground.

I bought a couple of fuchsia geraniums for the balcony.

Some more flat leaf parsley and mint - some of which survived the winter here even in pots.

Oregano, sage, chives and fennel. And some pansies to brighten up the front until it's time to plant annuals.

So I had a good time playing in the dirt yesterday afternoon. Even cleaned the windows to the balcony and this morning with the sun shining everything is all bright and sparkly.

I found some dark brown fabric and felt guilty for it being made in China, but it was the only solid brown in cotton in that store. That will pair with this cigar print fabric I bought like 2 years ago thinking I'd make a valance for the bar. But last fall we hung red satin drapes in the bar which really adds to the man cave vibe.


Anna van Schurman said...

My thyme and parsley made it through the winter all the way up here! If only I'd left the rosemary out. (They say to bring it in to overwinter, but mine always dies!)

Donna said...

This year my thyme and rosemary made it quite easily. Last year only half the rosemary survived. Even some lavender survived our easy winter.