Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Fool Me Once

I will say that I did not click on the google link about their GoogleTime app. But I did wonder how in the hell they were going to do that. Fortunately all was explained to me later while listening to some caller go off on Google on Tech Tuesday. Funny how I forgot the date.

But I did remember it later when reading GRR Martin's livejournal blog about how he was going to end the Song of Fire and Ice series. Good one, George!

I came so very close to finishing the cross stitch portion of my model project last night. I'm probably one thread away from ending. Will do today. And start on the blackwork portion. Unfortunately the Fios guys are still in the neighborhood. They just started the pile driver. May have to resort to going to my LNS later so I can stitch in peace and not endure the migraine inducing noise.

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