Sunday, April 27, 2008


This was taken at the very end of the cherry blossom bloom here in D.C. two weeks ago.
I've finally taken pics off the camera...

I had a great time in the shop yesterday. If the ladies from Maryland are reading this - Hello!
And welcome. The exact name of that yahoogroup is - "2muchxs_finishing."

My friend and I muddled through and I think the only lady who left unsatisfied was the one checking for a special order she had just placed and then came back looking for a type of yarn we don't carry.

Yesterday left me no time for browsing. I picked an orange and a green Anchor to see if I want to stitch my blackwork pumpkin in color. I keep waffling between color and black. Which means I'll just try both and see what looks better. I was in the midst of attempting to pick colors for some blackwork flowers when business picked up and I never got back to them. Maybe I should pick fabric first anyway.

Today will be all gloomy and colder and maybe rainy? Bleh.

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Twana said...

Hi Donna! One of those Maryland women is reading your blog and it's not the hungry one. Thanks for the update on the finishing group. Also, I googled pendibles but couldn't find anything about them.