Monday, April 21, 2008

Yes, I am posting just to post

BIL arrived yesterday along with the monsoon rains. This low is going to sit over us all day and cause some local flooding and usual traffic accidents.

We had DS home for one night. On Saturday we went to the place they row from which is a marina on Aquia Creek in Stafford. One on side of the marina, there is a boat launch which was extremely busy on a beautiful Saturday morning. The rowing was taking long than DS expected and we went over to the store and bought some popcorn and water and sat down to watch how the other "half" lives. On this side of the marina were the slips with the large, expensive boats. And even better, were the boats that are stored indoors. You can call the marina and they will launch your boat and have a cooler filled with ice waiting for you. Was quite the operation. Son was grateful to spend a night away from school.

Today DH and bro are headed off to the Udvar Hazy Center. Seeing as how I've been there 3 times in the past three years, I'm staying home to do laundry and grocery shopping. And maybe some stitching, eh?


Anna van Schurman said...

Information about my grandfather is archived at Udvar Hazy--I've never been but I did organize the family to do this for him before he died. I think his name is on a plaque somewhere too.

Donna said...

That's cool. Was he a pilot?

C in DC said...

After the weather teasing we got at the end of last week, I am so ready for this rain to be gone again. Especially since my roof has two small drips. Ugh.

Glad the men found something entertaining to do in this horrible weather. We were just at Hazy a month ago with friends. It's a great place to go with kids.

Let's hope it's dry enough for baseball on Wednesday. We've not yet been rained out, although we sat through some pretty long rain delays. We were even there for the infamous "national tarp pull" a couple of years ago.