Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nothing New

This photo is from last May? most likely as the azaleas have their dead buds.

Our dear BIL is coming for a visit, arriving on Sunday. At a family gathering, this 50 year old suddenly voiced his jealousy of his wife's weekends away with the girls - she goes away with her sisters and sister-in-laws or her knitting group. The family was astounded that he felt that way and immediately told him, then he should go somewhere.

We're honored to be his first "long weekend" away without wife or kids.

I've got a bit of cleaning and some sprucing up chores to do. I have this fabric and was thinking of making a new curtain for the bedroom he'll be staying in, but realized even doubled this fabric permits too much light to pass. So I'm off this morning to hunt for some dark fabric to back the curtain.

And to purchase a few plants? The warmer weather has me thinking of planting. But I'll just be putting things in pots as it's too early yet for planting in the ground. I'm sure my nice looking nails will soon be all yucky as I can't resist putting my hands in the soil. I'm not a huge fan of gardening gloves unless I'm dealing with poison ivy or some other hazard.

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