Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Had a lovely day yesterday with my friend in the demo room at Woodlawn. Saw lots of people. Didn't even matter that it wasn't sunny outside. Only 3 more days till the official start of spring and the blossoming are woefully behind here. Usually the tulip magnolias and daffodils are in bloom at Woodlawn. Right now there's just a few crocuses showing themselves. And the forsythia started blooming last week. I think a few days of warm weather and everything will explode forth with color.

This also means for anyone planning, that the cherry blossoms will be bit behind normal. Will try again this year for sunset pictures to match the sunrise ones I took a few years back. This time definitely taking the metro...

Not sure exactly what this means - the end of Dimensions altogether? Anyone know more?

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