Friday, March 20, 2009

Picture Time

Progress on my Tsunami Charity sampler by Martina Dey. I love working on this. I'm about halfway across the top. Large piece when stitched over 2.

First colorway for Laura J Perin freebie - Grandma's Flower Boxes. It's on her website. This is a SAL with some online friends.

Never happy. I kitted the SAL up a second way when I saw this piece of dark green canvas. Started stitching last night.

Look! our new car. Now all we need is a name. Color is Cocoa Pearl. Was lovely listening to our Italian salesman say the color name.

New chair purchased at antique show for the cat. That's right. We bought a chair just for the cat.

Happy Spring everyone! Hopefully a few days of sunshine here and the area will be looking like it. Right now we're still kind of blah.


Anna van Schurman said...

I think Coco Pearl is a perfect name, but then our family dog was called Coco Chanel.

Lee said...

Great photos all around, but that Tsunami sampler!? Breathtaking! I can see why you're loving it.