Sunday, March 15, 2009


I was trying to print a free pattern from the Laura J. Perin Designs website. I swear I hit current page. But I'm getting oh so much more. Some are better quality than others. I don't understand this. OOPS. I know I've made my printer quit in the middle of a page. Cancel print job, please.

We didn't have anything better to do this weekend, so we bought a new car?

I need the sun to come out so I can take a decent photo. It is a chocolate brown Avalon. All nice and shiny and comfy enough to stitch in. Will try this out next weekend as we are going to West Point for a day. See some friends. Eat decent Mexican food at this place we know. Poke around old haunts. DH is giving a guest lecture.

But I will admit to sitting in my Honda with tears in my eyes. I drove it to the dealership today. A stripped down version of its former self. Minus the college stickers. Minus the Red Sox sticker. Minus the four teeny Beanie Babies that represent my family. Minus the Go Army, beat Navy blanket. Minus the hatchet and 550 cord that remained in the car from a camping trip and have been used on occasion. Minus the tons of maps. Minus the menu to Reins Deli in CT. Minus the menu to the Peking Cafe in Annandale. Minus the plastic tic-tac-toe game. Minus all the music and sunglasses and ice scrapers. My poor car is probably feel cold and lonely and abandoned right now. I hope someone nice comes along and adopts it. I'm sure they'll love it as much as we did.


Anna van Schurman said...

Oh my God! We have a Reins Deli menu in the car too. So do my parents. Great minds! (Great sandwiches too)

Donna said...

I've even run into friends when I have stopped there. It was too funny!