Friday, March 06, 2009

I Admit It - I Bought Something

Couldn't help it. This pattern just followed me home. In a red bag. Didn't bring any fabric or floss with it. Quaker Gone Tropic. Okay. The color reproduction is not the best as this is stitched on L & L 32ct Lemon Ice. That's right. The fabric is actually yellow.

Anyway. When I saw this I kind of had an idea. And while dropping something off at the Scarlet Thread today, I picked up some fabric and fibers to do something else a la Quaker. I guess because I've been working on Tsunami Charity Sampler by Martina Dey I definitely have Quaker on the brain.

Girls have started the return trip home. DS leaves today to take the train south to visit a friend before returning to school on Sunday. All will be quiet again tonight. And then it's on to watching Brideshead Revisited. Ah, Jeremy Irons' voice. Love. Love. Love.


C in DC said...

have you ever met Michelle? Did you ever go to her former store, Stitching Pretty, up in Laurel?

Donna said...

I wish I had gotten to her store before it closed. Michelle and her mother sat behind me at the Stitch N Pitch game last year. We had a great time.