Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Return Trip to Obtain a DoD Decal for Car

On Wednesday my problem was that my official spousal ID card is set to expire this summer. The nice lady at the Provost Marshall's office (read police station for you non-DoD people) told me they couldn't register the car because the ID was going to expire within 10 months.

Today I return to the ID card section to get a new ID with that magical piece of lawyerese, my Power of Attorney. With this magical piece of paper I can actually do things without the physical presence of my husband. (In fact, I could sell everything he owns and take off for parts unknown, but I love him, so I think I'll stay.)

The lovely lady at the ID section (where most people are waiting for their CAC card and these people shoot daggers at me when I get called in within minutes of arriving -
I feel so special) tells me they don't renew ID cards until within 60 days of expiring.

Hmmm. I think we have ourselves a little catch-22. Two months vs. ten months. Can't you people get on the same page.

Lucky for me, I've landed a person with enough authority to issue me a new ID card now. Hurrah. After that everything is simple. Except that the new ID card photo is atrocious. I liked the last one. This one makes me look Mr. Clean after too many steriods with a bit of hair and glasses. Golly, I don't think I look that bad. Even on the worst of days. And I have a lot more than a bit of hair. I have, if anything, too much hair. Great. This is my photo until 2013. Sigh.

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