Thursday, March 26, 2009

Satisfying Day

Yesterday I attended both our morning and evening EGA meetings. That was fun! We unfortunately had to cancel the intended program as not enough people signed up. We were supposed to have a presentation by a lawyer on copyright for needlework. I wanted to hear this so much I paid twice. Oh well.

In between I went to lunch with two of my morning friends. We were the last of lunch crowd left after sitting there yakking for nearly 2 hours. Then two of us went on to Michael's - both of us having a paint acquiring mission in mind. I needed paint for my canvas piece, Night Flight. And she needed a stencil brush and paint for some Raggedy Ann dolls. Reminded me of the "old" days when I used to frequently Michael's with my neighbor back in California. I still save my Michael's coupons every month, but hardly ever use them as there is not really anything I need in the store anymore.

Ended the day by coming home and finding DirecTv was showing the first episode of season 3 of the Tudors. Okay. Time to Netflix the first two seasons. I guess my affair with King Henry last year isn't over yet.

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