Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Quick Trip

A cold day along the Hudson River. My plan was to wander around and take some photos. But it was 20 degrees and the wind was blowing. I hadn't prepared for that.

Looking up at West Point from the river. This is the boathouse below all that granite wall.

The new library. I'm sorry I didn't get to walk across the plain and get a photo that puts it in perspective. I was standing on the sidewalk across from the West Point Club.

Had a good time driving and riding in our new car. I think we've got it mostly figured out now. Laser cruise control not a good thing to use on the Beltway. Someone will cut in front of you every time. Saw some old friends. Saw a massive bus stop constructed in our old yard. UGLY! I guess some parents complained about the wind up there on Stony Lonesome that hardly ever stops blowing because these huge bus shelters have sprouted up everywhere. Wimps.

Did a little bit of stitching in the car. But it wasn't as easy as I was hoping it would be. I guess the winter weather has taken its toll on the roads. I'd be counting and my needle would just fly across the canvas and I'd have to start all over again whenever we hit a bump.

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Kathryn said...

Don't feel badly. I can't stitch in the car either. I also have problems when the sun shifts around. Threads I have recounted look differently, so I have to count again. I decided audio books are a better accompaniment to long drives than stitching.