Saturday, March 14, 2009

Master List

I made a master list of the 6 biggest priorities in my stitching world. But I still need to decide which is the biggest priority. Right now they all seem to carry about equal weight. Which probably means I haven't thought about it enough. I guess these two things: recharting a chart on my newest graphing software and the teaching of a biscornu that I have in my head, should be one and two. Then comes a gift that I can't discuss here, but involves designing and stitching and has a deadline like the first two. Number 4 should be working on my Mastercraftsman project for the EGA. And 5 & 6 which I apparently find the most fun, are at the bottom of the list.

The truth is any progress on anything on this list is a huge positive. So the list is going to stay here by my elbow on the desk. As long as I'm typing, I'm not making progress. (Or doing housework, but who cares about that?)

Alas, Coni. Woodlawn's needlework show doesn't involve tons of technology. The best they have managed is that this year there is a list of the big winners on the Woodlawn website. Some of us enter in the spirit of competition. And some of us enter just because we want to see our work hanging in a historic and beautiful location where people will pay money to see it. The lesson I have learned is if I want to enter something, I should be working on it now for the following year. LOL

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