Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Camera, Camera, Who's Got the Camera?

I've got one camera. But not the one with the photos on it. LOL

I must have left it in the car on Saturday? I hope so. 'Cause it isn't in my purse. Nor is it here in the house. And it's not my camera. It's my son's camera. 

If this issue gets resolved tonight, there will be photos tomorrow.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch.

The Pony Express came yesterday and delivered to me all the parts and pieces for Gay Ann Rogers class "Echoes of Elizabeth." 

Thusly last evening I was able to sit in the rocking chair and start my Nun stitches. 

I've got the green version and I love it. Like any proud owner of a new project, I  immediately found a matching notebook for it and put the pages in page protectors. And then found a plastic scrapbooking case large enough to hold two sets of 10" x 12" stretcher bars, plus a set of 8" x 8" minis and the threads. Too bad I don't have any green scissors to match it, but I do have silver ones with a green and white beaded fob. 

I've read my lessons and started to stitch away and I'm loving this project already.

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